Can You Stack Kayaks On Top Of Each Other? Some Transportation Tips

Traveling with a kayak is not a challenging task. But what if you have two? Can you stack kayaks on top of each other?  

In this article, we will discuss some methods for stacking those boats. Let’s read through, and the kayaks won’t bother you anymore! 

can you stack kayaks on top of each other

Can You Stack Kayaks On Top Of Each Other? 

The short answer is yes. However, experienced kayakers advise against stacking your kayaks this way due to potential damage. 

Stacking two kayaks on top of each other will cause a disaster if one suffers from excess stress from the weight of both. Such a thing happens when the top kayak presses on one end of the bottom kayak. 

Knowing this rule, you can stack your kayaks easily for transporting and storing. However, do it with caution to avoid problems. 

For transporting

To transport two kayaks in your car, please follow these steps:

  • Install roof racks.
  • Secure the bow and stern with straps. 
  • Strap the kayaks firmly through the car doors. 
  • Tighten the straps to prevent them from swinging in the wind.  

For storing

Storing kayaks is easier than transporting them because you won’t have to worry about movements. Here is how to store your gear correctly:

  • Buy storage solutions. We recommend slings, straps, and racks. 
  • Apply foam padding to distribute the weight and minimize the stress. 
  • Do not stack your kayaks with any load in them. Otherwise, it will result in warping.

How to Strap Two Kayaks to a Roof Rack? 

Kayak owners are very concerned about carrying their kayaks to the water. 

We have mentioned the strapping method in the previous section, but you still need to focus on many things. You will end up damaging your kayaks and car. 

So now, let’s follow the four steps below to transport your gear correctly. 

Step 1: Place the straps on the roof rack

Set each strap on each rack crossbar and bring the straps to the center of each crossbar. Place the two straps on the front crossbar down across the windshield. 

Next, place the two straps on the rear crossbar against the rear window. Make sure that you won’t twist the straps to reach them quickly.  

can you stack kayaks on top of each other
The roof rack can help secure your boats.

Step 2: Put the first kayak on the rack 

Mount a kayak on one roof rack’s side. To determine the optimal way for the kayak to rest on your car, you might need to test it in a few different positions. 

Try to keep it far from one side, either the passenger’s or the driver’s side.  

Fasten the straps on the kayak. Since you may need to adjust the first kayak when securing the second one, let the straps a little loose for this step.  

Step 3: Put the second kayak on the rack

Mount the second kayak on the first kayak. If there is enough room on the rack, you can position this kayak after the first one with some space between them.

If you don’t have enough room, alter the first kayak. Then you may create space so both kayaks can sit centrally on the rack.

Cast the straps over the second kayak and cinch them down to firmly secure your gear to the rack and your vehicle. 

Step 4: Tighten the straps 

Move to the first kayak, check if it is still in a proper position, and adjust the straps. You might need to ease up the other kayak and set them all if one of them is out of position or not fitting correctly on the roof rack.

Ensure you are satisfied with how the roof rack and kayaks rest by giving them a once-over.

To prevent the ropes from blowing in the wind, snugly wrap them over the rack’s crossbars.

Other Methods Of Transporting Two Kayaks  

What if you don’t have roof racks? Don’t worry. You can still transport your kayaks with the following alternatives. 

Utility trailer

Many people own a utility trailer for carrying stuff or doing household tasks. It comes in various sizes and can work effectively to move two kayaks.

The utility trailer looks like a truck bed and is low to the ground. Thanks to this structure, you don’t have to lift your boat above your head. 

It’s simple to tie your kayaks to the trailer’s framework—rope and ratchet straps both work. There are hooks on many trailers where you can secure your boats.  

Truck bed extender

A truck bed extension is a fantastic alternative to a roof rack for transporting two kayaks if you use a pickup.

You can use the extender to increase the space available for long payloads in a hitch receiver.

Using the truck bed extender allows you to adjust its width, length, and height.

You can achieve the best fit depending on the pickup’s size. It’s perfect for short truck beds and helps you easily carry your boats. 

DIY roof rack

If your car doesn’t have a roof rack, build one. Then, use it the same way we discussed easier to strap two kayaks. 

Foam blocks

Foam blocks are popular tools used for carrying kayaks because they are inexpensive. Make sure your blocks are big enough to accommodate two kayaks with ease. If possible, choose the blocks that are as wide as your vehicle. 

It would help if you also ascertained how much pressure your automobile’s roof can bear. If you are only driving a short distance, foam blocks may be sufficient. 

Yet, look for a safer solution if you go on the freeway.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can you strap two kayaks to a roof rack?

Yes. Secure one kayak on the rack using straps first, and move to the next one. Ensure you carry out the steps carefully not to cause damage to your gear. 

Here are some tips for this job:

  • Your car must be able to handle the weight of your boats. 
  • If you use the truck bed extender, secure it to the hitch receiver. 
  • Tie the two kayaks firmly on the front, back, and sides. 
  • Stop a few times during your trip to ensure your gear is safe and secure. 

Q: Can a kayak pull another kayak?

It may happen if you don’t secure them tightly. You will encounter the same problem if you travel across rough terrain with the boats in your car. 

Q: How many kayaks can you put on a roof rack? 

Some kayak roof racks allow you to carry four kayaks simultaneously. But if you have soft or standard hard racks, limit the number to two or three. 


You can stack two kayaks on top of each other. Remember to secure both firmly and continuously check while driving to ensure that they are safe. 

We suggest using roof racks for transportation. However, foam blocks or trailers will work if you don’t have any. You can even make your own rack. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!

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