Does WD-40 Attract Fish? (Explained)

Many are intrigued that the purpose of WD-40 has something to do with fishing. People are claiming it to be effective, then, let us find answers to the question, Does WD-40 attract fish?

WD-40 is a cleaning material that mainly removes rust and corrosion. It was made a long time ago, and fishermen have been using this to lure fish. They claim that the scent from the product attracts fish.

Let us look at the discussion below to prove whether it is true or not.

What is WD-40?

Water Displacement 40th formula or WD-40. This is an American brand in 1953 that originated from San Diego California.

It took 40 attempts of experiments, (hence the reason for the name) before getting the correct formulation of a lubricant that can penetrate moisture and prevent corrosion.

Water Displacement 40th formula or WD-40.

The overall purpose of this WD-40 helps remove stains from accumulating on greased or soiled surfaces and equipment. Thus, avoiding debris and rust.

Their main ingredients are kept a secret for decades. Though some are composed of kerosine, petroleum oil, carbon dioxide, minerals, and other byproducts.

Does using WD-40 for fishing legal?

Talking about the contents of WD-40 which might be harmful, these chemicals are non-toxic and do not cause harm to humans and fish. And yes, WD-40 as bait is legally used as a luring agent.

Although there are many arguments and environmental-related concerns on stopping the use of this product, it continued up to this time.

Expectedly, a few oil spills are left on the ocean or any water source where you sail, however, it only releases a small amount unlike the leaks from boat engines.

Some of the chemical ingredients may be ingested by fishes. Buyers may not know the situation and continue to buy fish. But, if you go fishing for food, deciding to add WD-40 on bait will likely change.

Does WD-40 attract fish?

Old stories from fishermen started the trend of using WD-40 as a trick to lure out fish. Many fishermen tried the experiment of using it with bait.

Claims found that this cleaning agent is a secret formula for catching fishes and a lot of them had success in fishing thanks to the product.

It is said that WD-40 can mask human scent. Other fishermen purposely spray their hands before getting in the water. The fishes are distracted by the chemical’s scent.

Consequently, luring fishes will be easy without them noticing your presence. The success rate of getting bigger fish tends to increase with this method

Apart from that, a theory shows that fishes are attracted to WD-40 due to its fish oil content. However, this is not effectively proven because the product has no fish oil ingredient.

How to use WD-40 for fishing baits?

If you are fully determined to utilize WD-40 as part of the fishing routine, well you may follow this simple process to make baits.

Of course, the center of the discussion should be present. Purchase the WD-40 on nearby hardware, or supermarkets.

As you read the instruction label, fishing for bait indication does not show. So, if you will insist, spray an ample amount on either of the strings and fishhooks.

Also, apply WD-40 to the baits. Ensure that the bait has no additional scent aside from the sprayed product. Any additional scent may cause confusion and failure to catch fish.

How to use WD-40 for fishing?

does wd-40 attract fish

The duly purpose of WD-40 is to polish your fishing equipment and avoid build-ups of rust. Since saltwater accelerates corrosion, equipment is prone to this kind of damage which may compromise your fishing abilities.

The company maker of WD-40 does not recommend making it as bait. They are very concerned about the environment and want to conserve nature.

They have addressed various statements regarding the use of their products in fishing. And made clear that the main goal of applying WD-40 on fishing tools is to prevent plaques of rusts and corrosions from existing.

Hence, it is better to think properly about using it to attract fish.

Other Purposes of WD-40 for Fishing

Gear Cleanser

WD-40 deeply removes rusts from fishing gears and other stuck fluids from saltwater. It cleanses by loosening the accumulated dirt through the chemical reaction of oil coating.

Gear Protector

The oil-based spray of WD-40 is not only a good cleanser, but it also preserves the surface of your fishing equipment and protects your boat from rusting.

Fishing boats and gears are prone to rusts and damage due to exposure to seawater. Therefore, WD-40’s specialty is needed to avoid this circumstance from occurring.

Also, this product is excellent in loosening up knots, locks, and other rusted parts from your boat. The oil content can penetrate in between rusted areas from the fishing materials.

Hence, the lubricant will release rust and lose the metals. For the boat, just apply around rusted areas before going fishing or as needed.

Cloth Stain Remover

WD-40 can remove stains and unwanted grease from your clothes. Simply spray an amount onto the cloth and gently rub the affected surface and leave for a few minutes before washing.


Well, this ends the discussion on whether WD-40 attracts fish. WD-40 is for cleansing and removal of rust from fishing equipment, however, other fishermen use this as a luring strategy to capture fish.

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