How To Fish For Salmon From Shore? 3 Must-Try Tips For All Fishermen

Fishing salmon on the boat is the experience that every angler wants to try. Yet, what if you can’t get to the vessel? How to fish for salmon from shore?

If you know how to nail it, fishing ashore can also give you a fun time and many fish. This article will provide you with ultimate tips for your trip.

Now, let’s get started!  

how to fish for salmon from shore

How To Fish For Salmon From Shore?

There are three primary strategies for fishing this species without a boat, and we cover them right here: using an artificial lure, floating the roe, and jigging.

Use an artificial lure.

Using artificial bait for salmon from the shoreline is probably the most popular and effective technique. It involves a little setup, but you don’t have to spend much time on that. 

Necessary tools

Step-by-step instructions

The procedures for throwing a lure are as follows: 

  • Step 1: Choose a lure

If you use a braided fishing line, attach the artificial lure to the leader or mainline. When it comes to lures, silver and gold spoons are the top choices because they can attract fish easily. 

  • Step 2: Cast the lure

Cast the lure as far as possible into the water. If you’re fishing from the riverbank, be careful not to throw it across the river. 

Another tip in this stage is to cast the lure upstream. Then, it can arch backward to where you are sitting when you return it.

  • Step 3: Retrieve the lure

Now, retrieve the lure at a steady speed. Don’t pull it in too quickly, and only speed up the pace if you don’t notice any movement.

If you can’t still get any fish bites, try to add some jerks or change the speed of your lure. Once you do different things, the lure becomes more noticeable to the fish. 

When there is a bite, do not set your hook too harsh. Instead, reel your lure so that the salmon will hit the lure harder and unintentionally hook itself. 

how to fish for salmon from shore
The lure should be silver or gold in color.

Float salmon roe

Another popular way of catching salmon from the shoreline is to float salmon roe using a bobber device. 

You will achieve the best outcome with this technique at the end of the salmon season when they swim upstream. King salmon, weighing about 20 to 30 pounds, cluster in a big school, and you have a lot of chances and fun to catch. 

Necessary tools

  • Rod
  • Spinning reel
  • Braided line with a leader
  • Circle hook
  • Roe
  • Floating bobber
  • Egg weights
  • Rubber net

Step-by-step instructions

  • Hook the bobber to the line six feet up. If the river is deep, you can use a long line. Your bait should be one to two feet off the ground. 
  • Thread the bobber and two egg weights.
  • Cut a leader (two to three feet long) and attach it to the snap swivel’s opposite side.
  • Tie a hook to the end of your leader.
  • You can fish once you’ve attached a good-sized portion of eggs to the line.

Put your efforts into throwing the hook into a deep part of the river where you feel the salmon are hiding. The roe can smack them in the head and aggravate them to the point where they strike.

Do not shake the rod to release the hook when the bobber starts going down.

Allow your prey to eat the eggs before closing its mouth. Then, wait for a while before starting to reel hard to set the bait.

how to fish for salmon from shore
The roes can attract the fish.

Jig for the fish

The final technique we’ll explore in this post is jigging for fish.

The only difference is that you jig the lure straight back to you instead of casting from the shoreline.

You can use this method to fish salmon in the sea or from a dock. It also works well in rivers, as long as they are 15 feet deep or more.

Necessary tools

  • Rod
  • Spinning reel
  • Braided line with a leader
  • Candlefish lure or Buzz Bomb
  • Rubber net

Step-by-step instructions

  • Throw the Buzz Bomb into the water as far as possible. If you fish in a river, toss the bait upstream, so it travels down slightly to you. 
  • Allow for three seconds for the bait to sink. If you fish in the sea, wait for five seconds.  
  • Retrieve the lure by swiftly pushing the rod upward (as if jigging), then release it and reel it multiple times.
  • Repeat the action until you’ve brought the bait back. 
how to fish for salmon from shore
This method works best in the sea or deep rivers.

What Is The Best Time And Place To Fish For Salmon From The Shore? 

Your technique and lure are not the only determinants of your trip. If you want to catch salmon from the shore, you should also check the best time and place. 


Before or after the mating migration, the best times to fish for this species are early in the morning or late in the evening.

The fish migrate to deeper waters throughout the day, but you can also go fishing at night.

Fishing in June, before the breeding season starts, gives you the best experience.

To prepare for the migration, these fish will gather along the streams and rivers, making it easier for you to catch them.  


Pier fishing is a great technique to go into deeper water, where you can find salmon. Piers, particularly at the stream and river entrances, are a good place to look for these fish all year.

This species starts to move upstream when the migration period begins. They eat little during this time, but fishing can be possible if they attack instinct.

how to fish for salmon from shore
Check for their migration time and place.

How To Land The Caught Salmon From The Shore? 

With the techniques we have shared, you can go fishing successfully. However, it’s not the end of the game. It would be best if you also landed it properly. 

As you may notice from the necessary tools of each method, you need a rubber net. This net can help minimize harm to the caught salmon. 

Please note that most salmon is wild, and you may find keeping it challenging.

You have to release it and try your best to avoid damage to it. If the net doesn’t have any rubber coating, your fish will suffer and act aggressively to escape. 

So, how to land your caught salmon correctly? The instructions are as follows:

  • Battle with the fish until it comes closer to the water’s edge and stops trying to run away. 
  • When a salmon gets exhausted enough to rest, it will start swimming on its side. Its silver scales then will sparkle. 
  • If you’re fishing with someone else, tell them how to use the rubber net. Having a partner on your side is necessary for first-timers. 
  • If you’re fishing alone, use one hand to grip the rod and the other to hold the net. Yet, this task is more complicated than having someone help you. 
  • Wait until the fish swims towards you, then gently lower the net in the opposite direction and gently lift it. 
  • Pull the hook from your prey’s mouth and identify whether it is a farm or wild fish. 
  • To extract the hook, we suggest using saltwater pliers. If the salmon thrashes, this tip will help you avoid hurting yourself.
how to fish for salmon from shore
Land your prey carefully.


The three methods we have shared above are the most effective ways of fishing salmon from shore. They work better if you go fishing at the right time and place.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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