How to Transport 3 Kayaks? (7 Methods Explained!)

Transporting one kayak is never a problem for some travelers. However, the question is How to transport 3 kayaks at the same time?

There are several methods that you could transport kayaks such as using roof racks, cradles, ropes, straps, and many more.

Read the description below to unleash discoveries on ways to transport 3 kayaks.

Several Ways to Transport 3 Kayaks

If you are worried about how to carry three kayaks on a beach trip, there are several ways to transport kayaks without thinking about damaging them. Select from the seven methods below for reference.

Method 1: Attach a Roof Rack

A rooftop rack for watercraft is intentionally installed or built-in on your car. Though this is not applicable for pick-up trucks.

This is one of the easiest ways to bring some kayaks on a beach trip. Just arrange them side by side on the roof rack.

Having this reduces occupancy in the inside of the car, thus making it safe also for the kayaks to avoid damage while transporting it.

how to transport 3 kayaks

However, purchasing roof racks may differ in size, the type of car, and the number of hauled kayaks.

Normally, asking the manufacturer to distinguish the accurate roof rack that would fit the car is recommended.

Make sure to select materials that are durable and have anti-corrosion material to prevent sea salt from damaging the surface.

Before setting at least 3 kayaks on top, secure a rope and tie it tightly. Make sure that the knots of the rope are well tied to have a safe and secure trip.

Method 2: Install a Cradle

The J cradles is a popular kayak carrier that is widely available on markets. This is installed on the roof part of the car as an accessory to keep kayaks in place while on the road.

Having a cradle does not only provide convenience but is a great investment for aquatic lovers. You could carry at least 2 kayaks by positioning each vertically on the J cradle attached to the car.

j cradles kayak

Then in the middle area, add some saddles so the third kayak can be inserted in between them. Finally, after setting each kayak, use a wide bar to secure their placement.

However, not all wide bars are useful because the bigger the kayaks, the larger inch of the wide barb, after setting each kayak, use a wide bar to secure their placement.

Method 3: Install J Bars

If one is not enough, grab 2 sets of J bars for transporting kayaks. You can easily insert the third kayak by using J bars with padded rood bars in between.

Large canoes straps can be tied around the middle kayak and the other kayak on the side to have a tight bond and maintain its place.

On the other note, keep in mind that loading a kayak must vary depending on the type of car that you have.

Smaller cars tend to carry a baggage of 50 kilos only. While medium cars could carry up to 70 kilos and large cars can do up to 100.

Method 4: Wrap it Up

If you only have one pair of uprights, use it to wrap around the kayak. Note that you must not consume all spaces to the other side so you can have reserved an area for tying the fiberglass kayak with its frame to the uprights.

Method 5: Wrap a Strap

Sometimes having the right equipment is not enough if you positioned the kayaks incorrectly and did not tie the ropes properly.

When you are used to tying kayaks on an upright angle, they tend to loosen easily without noticing. Therefore, it is advisable to wrap an upright strap around two kayaks and one set of straps on the third kayak.

Ensure that the upright strap passes under the roof bar, and on the other side of the bar for additional protection on both kayaks and the car.

Method 6: Tie with a Rope

If the mentioned selections did not seem to collide with your resources, try another method. Go and get yourself a strong bow and a stern tie-down strap.

As you position the kayaks on top of the car, secure the kayaks with the straps and ties. Moreover, do not forget to add a knot at the front and rear end of the kayak to the car.

This is to promote safety in case one of the ties or straps breaks on the road, you can have a backup strap wrapped on the kayak.

Method 7: Use a Truck

Transporting many kayaks is time-efficient and convenient if you have a pick-up truck. Opening the tailgate is also one of the simplest ways to transport them.

The larger the truck, the more kayak it could fit. Generally, small trucks can carry at least one or two kayaks. The medium-sized truck holds up to three kayaks. And larger trucks hold almost 4 kayaks.

transport 3 kayak by pick-up truck

In securing the kayaks on a truck, look for bungee cords and straps. Firmly wrap each kayak, then try to push, pull, or touch and observe. If it moves or displaces its position, then the rope or strap is not tied enough.

In carrying heavy equipment on open trucks like the kayaks, put signage as a warning sign to other drivers and commuters not to get close to avoid accidents and traffic jams.

Signage such as a piece of red flag tied at the edge of the kayak is enough to be seen by people from a distance.


Understanding our article may have answered your queries about How to transport three kayaks. We are certain that after this, you’ll figure out which method suits your taste and you’ll be able to enjoy aquatic activities even more.

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