Do Bright Colored Kayaks Scare Fish? Which Color To Choose For Your Kayak?

do bright colored kayaks scare fish

Some anglers worry about fish running away, so they choose dark kayaks. But does this method work? Do bright-colored kayaks scare fish?  Fish can see colors, but it doesn’t mean they are afraid of vivid-colored objects. In fact, they try to hide from something else.   This article will help you clear this question. Let’s follow … Read more

10 Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing: Keep Control of Your Kayak!

best kayak paddles for fishing

Kayak fishing is a fun activity, but it requires more than just your typical fishing gear. You will also need the best kayak paddles for fishing so you can get the right one suitable for your trips. But of the many different paddles available, which one should you get?

Read on as I show you the ten best kayak paddles for fishing and how to choose the best one!

best kayak paddles for fishing

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