How to Transport 3 Kayaks? (7 Methods Explained!)

how to transport 3 kayaks

Transporting one kayak is never a problem for some travelers. However, the question is How to transport 3 kayaks at the same time? There are several methods that you could transport kayaks such as using roof racks, cradles, ropes, straps, and many more. Read the description below to unleash discoveries on ways to transport 3 … Read more

Inflatable Boat VS Kayak: What Differs Between Them?

inflatable boat vs kayak

Numerous people love to associate themselves with water activities or sports. If you had a hard time choosing Inflatable Boat vs. Kayak, then this is the time to learn new things. They differentiate in several aspects like the structure, stability, fishing capacity, transportation, preparation time, storage, safety, and average cost and maintenance. For further interpretation … Read more