Are Arctic Grayling Fishes Good to Eat? (Explained)

Arctic Grayling fish captures the sight of every angler for its beauty. But are arctic grayling fishes good to eat?

This fish has been the center of debate as one of the best-eating freshwater fish amongst all. This freshly caught fish seems to have satisfied anyone who had tasted it.

If you’re already curious about how it tastes, read more information below and we’ll also share tasty recipes for cooking arctic grayling fishes.

What is Arctic Grayling Fish?

Thymallus Articus or commonly known as Arctic Grayling fish are related to the salmon family of Salmonidae. These are small-mouthed whitefish that are generally located in the freshwater of the Arctic, Pacific, and other parts of the U.S.

are arctic grayling good to eat

Graylings are attractive for their bright-colored fins that are like sailfish. Aside from that, they have small mouths, feeble teeth, big eyes, and scales.

This type of fish grows at a maximum length of 76cm (30in) weighing up to almost 4 kilograms. Most anglers are pleased to catch them because of their size.

When is the best time to catch arctic grayling fish?

Arctic Grayling fish come across the surface during the Alaska fishing season. The peak season for fishing graylings usually begins from June to July and sometimes up to the end of early September.

Catching fish is fun, however, some small graylings simply swim, run, or jump to escape. Plus, it is unusual for grayling to tangle in a cover. Their appearance and ability to bite off baits make it worth a wait for anglers.

How to bait arctic grayling fish?

Grayling fish are not that difficult to catch. Despite the smallmouth, they feed and bite several insects and spawns. Anglers are fond of sportfishing due to their ability to rise and bite on insects.

Although worms are universal baits, grayling also takes other treats such as dried flies, black gnats, Adams, blue quills, trout, and other small fishes, and crustaceans.

Moreover, fish eggs from salmon and trout, insect larvae, and plants can serve as bait for grayling.

Are arctic grayling fishes good to eat?

At present time, there is still a dispute among anglers and consumers on which fish is the best. It is said that arctic grayling fish served to be one of the most delicious freshwater fish in the world.

The white and flaky texture from the grayling’s meat and its thin, edible skin provides a definite taste just like salmon or trout.

With proper cooking methods and recipes, arctic grayling will be loved by everyone.

When to cook arctic grayling fish?

Understandably, not all anglers eat their caught fish. Bringing fish at home takes time to travel. Even though it’s not harmful to other fishes, graylings are best consumed fresh.

Unlike other fishes, Arctic Grayling does not easily preserve in the freezer and does not prolong its freshness.

To achieve an incredible dining experience while fishing or camping, cooking grayling after a catch is recommended. So, make sure to bring along cooking materials at camp.

How to cook arctic grayling fish?

arctic grayling recipe

Fishes can be cooked in several ways, although you must have enough time to complete the process of preparation and cooking. Here are some delicious ways to cook arctic grayling fish.

Grilled Arctic Grayling Fish

One of the best recipes for grayling is by grilling with foil. You’ll need to prepare the following:


  • Arctic Grayling Fish (freshly caught)
  • Lemon
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Other desired spices (optional)
  • Tinfoil

After taking a break from catching grayling, start to set some charcoal or wood on fire.

Then, clean and gut the fish. Remove the fins and slice the dorsal area while keeping the fish whole.

Season the inside and outside part of the grayling with a pinch of salt, pepper, and a piece of lemon. If desired, put an additional spice or marinade like beer.

Flatten your foil on a clean surface, then wrap around the seasoned fish. Once done, place the fish on fire for about 15 minutes. If the cooking material is charcoal, let it grill for 20 minutes.

Flip the fish every 5 minutes to ensure both sides are cooked evenly. That’s it, a very simple dish but tasty and will surely fill you up.

Baked Arctic Grayling Fish with Butter

Opting to bring the grayling at home to serve a fresh fish (note: not frozen) to your family? Well, you can do this basic recipe of baking the fish with butter.


  • Arctic Grayling Fish (2 medium-sized)
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Other seasonings (optional)

Remove the guts, fins, and scales of the grayling, then wash them thoroughly.

Dry the fish with a kitchen towel. Get a baking dish that is greased with a tablespoon of melted butter and place the fish in the container.

Season it with salt, pepper, and other seasonings at hand. Use tin foil to cover the dish and bake for about 25 to 55 minutes. Grease the fish in between cooking sessions for more tasteful results.

Create a fish sauce with melted butter while waiting for the baked fish.

Serve the baked grayling fish after 55 minutes. Add the sauce to make it juicer and mouthwatering. Enjoy your meal!

Carbonara with Sautéed Arctic Grayling Fish

Another recipe that you could explore with fresh grayling fish is to sauté it with pasta carbonara. Follow this recipe and ensure freshly caught fish is used.

The serving of this recipe will depend on how much pasta or grayling you have.


  • Arctic Grayling Fish (2 medium-sized)
  • Bacon (diced)
  • Butter
  • Eggs (4 to 6 pieces)
  • Grated Cheese (your choice)
  • Milk (1/4 cup)
  • Pasta
  • White Cooking Wine (1/2 cup)
  • Onion (diced)

Cook your usual pasta recipe. Ensure that the ingredients are completely cooked. Set aside in a container to be used later.

Wash the grayling and remove the meat. Slice the fish into chunks and sauté on a medium heat skillet with butter. Place the sauteed fish on a plate when done and set aside.

Mix onion, bacon, and white cooking wine in a hot pan. Sauté until it’s well done. Again, set it aside with the other dishes.

For the eggs, whip to make tar and thin it with milk. Strain it in a bowl and add the onion concoction and mix thoroughly.

Season them with salt and pepper. Toss the pasta into the sauce and incorporate it well to taste even.

Start to plate the pasta and make the sauteed grayling as a topping or side dish.

Now, the carbonara with sautéed arctic grayling fish is done. You can serve it to your family and friends along with your favorite wine!


So, are arctic grayling fishes good to eat? Yes! This fish is delightful as many could say. This is one of the famous freshwater fishes with delectable taste. We hope this article inspired you to go fishing and try one for yourself!

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