Does Trout Fish Like Garlic? (Here’s Why!)

Garlic is famously known as a spice that makes every dish appetizing. It also serves as herbal medicine. However, the question is about the anglers, Do trout fish like garlic?

Trout are very sensitive to smell. They can smell prey in an instant and catch without hesitating. Luckily, garlic is the best for luring out trout. Use garlic with bait and you’ll surely get a lot.

For further understanding how trout like garlic, read and follow additional tips on how to use garlic as baits for trout.

Do trout like garlic?

Trout is a difficult fish to catch, you need patience and several tricks to catch a group or at least one. They are one of the fishes that swim directly for food.

Additionally, they have amazing nose structures which make them sensitive to smell. And this allows them to sense their prey easily.

Anglers have made various formulas of fish baits. Many have failed and others successfully caught some trout.

Fortunately, out of several trials of enticing trout, one food beat them all. And it is garlic.

Garlic is a bulb plant with a strong aroma whose smell can spread across the room without being cooked yet.

Some may instill that garlic is horrible, but little did you know garlic’s powerful smell has been proven, tested, and effective material for luring some trout easily.

How to use garlic as bait for trout fishing?

Based on many experiences and testaments of anglers, garlic is the best pair with bait. Garlic is used by cooks due to its strong aroma and the same goes for the bait.

To make fishing trout possible, either add a pinch of minced garlic, soak the bait on the garlic before hooking, or pin a clove on the hook along with the bait.

Ensure an ample amount is combined with the bait, but do not overflow the bait with garlic because it may discourage the trout.

do trout like garlic

How to make garlic baits for trout?

There are several ways to make garlic baits, just choose among the recipes below.

As previously mentioned, trout get discouraged by extreme garlic flavoring. Therefore, to perform this recipe, balance the number of garlic with the bait.

Firstly, secure the materials needed which are the bait, garlic, and a container. One way is to mince the garlic then place it in a container. Select a bait, then put it along with the garlic.

Close the container tightly and shake vigorously for a few seconds only. Do not prolong shaking and soaking. Lastly, you may use the soaked bait through a hook to lure the trout.

The second method you may refer to is by directly setting the garlic with bait. Peel the garlic clove and slice into pieces or may be left as is. Then grab the bait and garlic and hook them together.

For the third method, just simply place the bait on a flat surface, then sprinkle minced garlic or garlic grains. Let it sit for a few minutes before using it as bait for more aromatic results.

Take note that all this method is only effective for a short period. Oversoaking of baits with garlic on water may result in a reduction of scent which will make the trout swim away.

When to use garlic on trout fishing?

We know you’re excited to catch some trout already but let us give you an additional tip.

Although you may use garlic frequently, the collection of trout is minimal and sometimes fewer than expected.

The abundance of the fish is not present throughout the year therefore, you need a perfect season to take home a lot of trout.

The best season to go trout fishing with garlic is during summer. The smell of garlic spreads faster, thus attracting much trout in no time.

Fishing in the cold season is still possible, however, the scent of the garlic is not that strong and appealing for trout.

Other Purposes of Garlic on Trout Fishing

Aside from pairing the garlic with baits, there are other useful benefits of garlic.

Garlic Covers Unpleasant Smell

Since trout have the physiological ability to process chemical substances dissolved in water, hence kept aware of the danger in their environment.

Any doubtful odors like chemicals, oils, or smoke stuck on your hand cause them to become alert, thus, urging them to be scared and will likely swim away.

By binding or bringing garlic, it covers up the bad odor, hence increasing the likelihood of catching trout. Thanks to the power of garlic, it can cover your unpleasant odor and hidden agenda of trapping them.

Garlic for Trout Dish

garlic for trout dish

Nothing is more delicious than eating freshly caught fish. Trout is surprisingly in demand due to its mild and delicate texture like chicken’s meat.

Garlic is readily available in markets, unlike other baits where some stocks are limited. Moreover, garlic is a good pair for cooking trout. The perfect duo of fish and garlic releases an aroma that will make you hungry.

Chefs are fond of cooking trout added with flavorings, seasonings, and spices. Among the many ingredients, garlic is always present in any dish.


In conclusion, the question of whether trout fish like garlic have been revealed. Efficiently, garlic was found attractive on trout fish. There are processes followed in incorporating both bait and garlic to capture a lot of trout. Ensure to read our guide and enjoy your fishing experience!

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