How to Tell the Age of my Yamaha Outboard? (Explained)

How to tell the age of my Yamaha Outboard? Recognizing your motor’s age and the unit number is significantly important in planning for repairs, replacement, or maintenance of its parts. 

You can tell the age of your Yamaha outboard by inspecting the engine’s ID sticker. An imprinted letters and numbers with different indications.

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What is the serial number on the Yamaha outboard? 

Each Yamaha outboard produced has a Primary Identification Number or so-called PID number. This indicates the serial number of the engine.

Fortunately, it allows access to model type, drive shaft length, production year, and production number. This is commonly attached to the port side-mounting bracket of the engine. Its image is a printed rectangular sticker with 5-fields. 

How to tell the age of my Yamaha Outboard?

Identifying the age of your Yamaha outboard is important especially when replacing outboard parts or in maintenance. Guessing maybe confusing especially when the manual or any related document is already gone. 

Lucky for you, every Yamaha outboard has an engraved ID or sticker that can be found either on the lower right side or near the port.  

Try peeking at the location where you can see the model number and the year of the manufacturer there.  Write a copy or get a photograph for accessible reference when necessary. 

Let’s take this picture as an example while you also look at your copy to distinguish its meaning.

Yamaha Outboard ID sample

  • The top right detail (see no. 2) serves as the outboard’s code name. 
  • The right lower number (see no. 1) is the serial number. 
  • The letter beside the serial number (see no. 3) is the shaft length. 
  • The detail below the word Yamaha (see no. 4) is the engine prefix code. 
  • The letter beside LTD is the code when the outboard is manufactured.

When is my Yamaha outboard manufactured?

This part is where you learn about the outboard year chart. However, every country has a different model code. 

Only Asian Pacific Yamaha outboard engines are a match to the code below. American and Europe have the same products but different reference codes.

So, if you purchased an engine from another country, better look at their system to discover its manufactured year.

Moreover, other Yamaha outboard ID stickers have changed over time. There are outboards with the exact production date (MFG) printed. But if none, better read further. 

As discussed earlier, the code for the manufactured year appears at the bottom right corner where a single letter was printed. Match that letter to the information below and see which year it belongs.

Note that letters can be repeated with different years, so it’s up to you to select the closest year.

Z – 1973

Y – 1974

X – 1975

W – 1976

V – 1977

U – 1978

T – 1979

S – 1980

R – 1981

Q – 1982 

P – 1983  

L – 1984

K – 1985

J – 1986

H – 1987

G – 1988

F – 1989

D – 1990

C – 1991

B – 1992

A – 1993

Z – 1994 

Y – 1995 

X – 1996 

W – 1997 

V – 1998 

U – 1999 

T – 2000

S – 2001 

R – 2002

Q – 2003

P – 2004

N – 2005

K – 2006

J – 2007

H – 2008

G – 2009

F – 2010

D – 2011

C – 2012  

B – 2013

A – 2014

Z – 2015 

Y – 2016

X – 2017

W – 2018

How long does an outboard last?

Once you discover the age, the next question to pop in your mind is when does an outboard expire. 

There is no definite date to predict the end of an engine. Although, as per production testing, an outboard motor can operate up to 1,500 hours. 

If an average person uses their boat for 200 hours annually, then we can calculate that an outboard motor would last up to 7 years or more. 

A factor that could decrease its lifespan is the negligence of the owner to keep the outboard unsoiled and well taken care of. 

how to tell the age of my yamaha outboard

How to find Yamaha outboard replacement parts?

With your ID plate or sticker already noted, you can quickly look for an appropriate replacement for your Yamaha outboard. Proceed on these steps 

  • Step 1: Begin by visiting the online home page of Yamaha. Log in to your account, then look for an option about outboard parts by year or by HP.
  • Step 2: Use your reference ID and chart to compare to the page to find the production year you are looking for. Just click the matched year and proceed to the outboard parts. 
  • Step 3: If you opt to purchase Yamaha outboard HP just click the matched part from your ID.  
  • Step 4: Review some details needed if you want, then add them to your shopping cart. Finish the check-out process and enjoy it when your parcel comes! 

How to verify warranty coverage of my Yamaha outboard? 

Wondering about the warranty coverage of your Yamaha outboard? Well, all you need is the primary identification number (PID).  

The location of the serial number is already discussed above. Just secure a written or photographic copy of it and bring it to the nearest Yamaha outlet.

Communicate with your dealer and request assistance by providing the PID and accessing their system for verification of your outboard’s warranty. 

Furthermore, asking for the possible coverage of the warranty is possible. However, your dealer must look upon the outboard’s condition first before diagnosing the problem.

When the problem leads to missing parts, damaged material, or factory defects, then that’s the time where they can offer a warranty statement.

What items are not covered by the Yamaha warranty?

Talking about warranty, a company may promise to provide a replacement for an item but only limited under factory defects. 

For Yamaha outboard, they guarantee replacements, but they are not responsible for the maintenance. 

Moreover, removal and attachments of parts like hubs, fuel oils, propeller water pumps, etc. are not catered by them. 

Look onto the warranty statement of your Yamaha outboard’s manual for additional information about the terms, restrictions, and conditions. 


In the bottom line, the age of the outboard is hidden in its PID code and can be decoded online or with the help of your dealer. We hope the topic on “how to tell the age of my Yamaha outboard” facilitated you in keeping your engine working.  

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