How Does Fishing With Coca Cola Work? More Than A Science Experiment!

A lot of people who have seen this viral video ask – How does fishing Coca Cola work?

And does it really work or is it just a trick?

Perhaps you have caught this video on YouTube showing how possible it is to catch fish with Coca Cola mixed with another ingredient.

But for those who have not quite seen it, the idea can definitely be so intriguing.

Does Coca Cola actually help you get some fish? Is it a destructive practice not worth a try?

If you are on the fence about trying out this technique, or you are simply curious about how it actually works, don’t worry – we are here to shed some light on this interesting topic.

Today, we’ll talk about how fishing with Coca Cola works and if it does actually yield results. So, let’s get started!

how does fishing with coca cola work

How Does Fishing With Coca Cola Work? Or Is It Just a Hoax?

There was one viral video that came out on the internet that featured a man catching some catfish.

But instead of the usual fishing gear, this guy used something else: Coca Cola and Mentos, a brand of mint candy. These two, plus an egg.

Perhaps you are wondering how these things can actually yield any results. After all, don’t you need to use a fishing rod and line to catch fish?

This is why it boggled people’s minds when this person was actually able to catch a few catfish. In fact, he caught three fish, much to everyone’s surprise.

It was a viral video that went out a year ago, and the question in people’s minds was – was this real? Or was it nothing but a camera trick?

In this video, it featured pouring Coke and Mentos on some animals. But today, let us focus on how does fishing with Coca Cola work.

However, there is actually a science to it. Primarily, catfish have a very keen sense of taste and smell. In fact, they can easily taste because of the whiskers they have on them.

The type of catfish in the video is a Channel catfish. These marine animals feed on small aquatic insects and tiny fishes. They also eat diminutive-sized birds.

After knowing what this type of catfish eats, the question is – can you use egg as bait? It is something that is proven to be effective?

The theory behind fishing with Coca Cola actually involves using eggs as bait to catch these catfish. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that dumping Coca Cola mixed with mentos on such animals is not a good thing to do, either.

For instance, the human lungs work by exchanging oxygen coming from air and then replenishes the blood cells. These organs also release waste gases in our bodies as we exhale. The gills of a fish work similarly. Each time oxygenated water passes over tissues, oxygen present in the water gets into the bloodstream of the fish.

Unfortunately, a lack of oxygen present in the water can result in suffocation. This is indeed happening in many water forms on the planet. With lox rates of oxygen in the water, many fish end up dying.

Furthermore, the act of pouring Coca Cola, which is full of carbon dioxide, right onto the water adds greater difficulty in extracting oxygen. Thus, fish tend to panic and work towards escaping this difficult scenario.

Understanding Coca Cola in Fishing – The Dangers Involved

When we think of Coca Cola and Mentos in the water, the insight is simple – how it can negatively impact marine life and behavior.

Obviously, it is negatively impacting these creatures in the water.

Yet, as a means of catching fish, this technique is not promising enough to help you bag a ton of fish. But then, it can potentially give you some fish even if not a whole lot.

The idea is in suffocating fish.

Indeed, fish can suffocate and die due to the absence of ample oxygen available in the water. There are actually certain pockets of water that are known to be low on oxygen content. When you add Coca Cola in the water, this diminishes what’s left of the oxygen for these fish.

As a result, they may suffocate and die over time. Aside from fish, other marine organisms require oxygen to live. These include bacteria and algae. The algae make oxygen during the day through photosynthesis. On the other hand, this process ends at night. Then, the algae and other marine organisms use up oxygen and release carbon dioxide into the water.

In the hot summer nights, the concentration of dissolved oxygen dips low for aquatic animals. It can be quite low for the fish, that they end up dying off. Hence, it is a completely natural situation due to human activity when there are more nutrients added to the water systems.

Furthermore, several products including fertilizers, sewage, and manure contain nutrients that run off into the water. With too many of these nutrients, algae growth becomes much faster. Thus, there is not much oxygen available for all the fish in the water.

Now, for the topic of catching fish with Coca Cola…

In this video, the person dug out a hole and poured Coca-Cola with Mentos into the water. The next thing we know, the fish ends up dying because of the acidity level. It is quite like using dynamite for catching fish where the fish gets stunned – or worse, dies – along the process.

So to answer the question on how does fishing with Coca-Cola work, it is simple – this action kills the fish, which then allows you to catch them. But at the same time, it is not quite a more sustainable way of catching fish, as this act causes damage and death to these creatures. The use of more ethical tools and techniques when fishing is still a much better option and more eco-friendly in the long run.

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