7 Best Walleye Jigging Rod Reviews: Get Ready For Walleye Season!

It’s time for the walleye season, but before you head on out to the waters, you have to gear up. One of the things you need to invest in is the best walleye jigging rod, which can set you up for success.

But with the many jigging rods available and suitable to catch walleye, which is the most suitable for you? Read on as I show you my top seven reviews and how to narrow down your choices to get the best walleye jigging rod!

best walleye jigging rod

Quick Comparison: Top Walleye Jigging Rod

The Strong and VersatileThe Strong and Versatile
1. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods
  • Weight: Medium Weight
  • Length: 6’7
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Action:Fast
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The Ultralight and SensitiveThe Ultralight and Sensitive
2. Cadence Fishing Rod
  • Length: 5’6
  • Material: Carbon fiber blank
  • Action: Moderate Fast
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The Durable and SmoothThe Durable and Smooth
3. KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods
  • Weight: Light Weight
  • Lenghth: 6’9
  • Material: Carbon Matrix KastFlex blanks
  • Action: Fast
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The Premium and ComfortableThe Premium and Comfortable
4. St. Croix Eyecon Rod
  • Weight: Light Weight
  • Length: 6’3
  • Material: Mid-modulus graphite fiber
  • Action: Extra Fast
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The Heavy-Duty and High-ValueThe Heavy-Duty and High-Value
5. Fiblink Fishing Rod
  • Weight: Ultralight power
  • Length: 24-inch
  • Material: Graphite rod blanks
  • Action: Medium
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The Powerful and BalancedThe Powerful and Balanced
6. Sougayilang Fishing Rod
  • Weight: Light Power
  • Length: 5’9
  • Material: Carbon Fiber blanks
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The Beginner-Friendly and AffordableThe Beginner-Friendly and Affordable
7. Zebco Dock Demon Fishing Rod
  • Weight: Medium Weight
  • Length: 30-inches
  • Material: Z-Glass
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**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Seven Best Walleye Jigging Rod Reviews

Of all the different products available, which are the most popular and effective? These are the seven best walleye jigging rod reviews you can trust:

1. The Strong and Versatile: KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

The KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod is a 6-foot long 2-piece fishing rod that’s lightweight, making it easy to carry and use. However, it still remains strong, made with a Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks. This ensures power, strength, accuracy, and durability when jigging for walleye.

The length is just right when jigging, as well as its lightweight properties and medium power. Furthermore, it has amazing smoothness, with the unique KastKing PTC (Power Transition System). This will help transition the power smoothly throughout the rod’s blank.

Another good advantage is the rod’s versatility. It comes with two rod tips with medium and medium-heavy or light power for better value, using it in most fishing situations even beyond jigging. You’ll be able to catch fish better no matter what waters or fishing technique you use!

If your main focus is something strong and lightweight with good power for jigging walleye, this rod is for you. It has everything you need in a jigging rod for the size of a walleye, making it worth the investment.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • Premium quality made with carbon fiber blank for strength and power
  • High-density EVA grips to stay comfortable and lessen fatigue
  • Smooth power with unique KastKing Power Transition System
  • Two-piece rod for ease of transporting and storage

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: Medium Weight
  • Length: 6’7
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Action: Fast Action

2. The Ultralight and Sensitive: Cadence Fishing Rod

Cadence Fishing Rod

The Cadence Fishing Rod is one of the lightest and shortest jigging rods you can use, with a length of 5’6. This is the ultralight model that has moderate fast action, ideal for jigging walleye.

The rod is made of high-quality carbon matrix graphite blank, making it strong and with fewer chances of flexing and snapping. The 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank ensures better strength, lighter weight, yet with the balance of durability and sensitivity.

This is most suitable for catching freshwater fish like walleye, using the jigging method because of its increased sensitivity and smooth performance. Furthermore, it’s made with stainless steel frame, a comfortable reel deal, and premium cork and EVA handles for less fatigue. You won’t have to worry about your hands wearing out as you use it for hours in the water.

Overall, you will enjoy the Cadence Fishing Rod for its shorter length and how well it performs when using it for jigging walleye.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • Premium materials for optimum strength and sensitivity without the heavy weight
  • Made with EVA and premium cork handle material for better comfort
  • Super smooth power with stainless steel guides and SiC inserts for excellent performance
  • Two-piece fishing rod that’s easy to assemble and transport
  • Short length and lightweight properties made with high-quality carbon matrix graphite blank

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: N/A
  • Length: 5’6
  • Material: Carbon fiber blank
  • Action: Moderate Fast Action

3. The Durable and Smooth: KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods

KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods

KastKing is one of the most popular fishing manufacturers with their Select Fishing Rods being suitable for jigging walleye. While it may be on the longer side, it has the strong and sensitive properties constructed with the unique KastKing KastFlex fishing rod blanks.

It’s also equipped with the Fuji fishing line guides for better casting distances, which is also useful for other fishing applications. The quality line guides are also good for jigging walleye, especially since it improves accuracy and dissipates heat efficiently. The fishing reel seats are made with durable nylon for extra comfort and less fatigue.

The rod is a two-piece design but acts like a one-piece rod, having the unique KastKing Power Transition System for smooth power from the rod tip to handle. If your aim is for better casting distance with optimum accuracy, then this rod is for you.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • Made with Fuji fishing line guides made for better casting distance and accuracy
  • High-strength nylon fishing reel seats for excellent comfort and lessened fatigue
  • Unique KastKing Power transition System for better power transition throughout the rod
  • Amazing quality and strength to last for years fo use, made with carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks
  • Suitable for professionals that offers comfort and lightweight properties for jigging

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: Light Weight
  • Length: 6’9
  • Material: Carbon Matrix KastFlex blanks
  • Action: Fast Action

4. The Premium and Comfortable: St. Croix Eyecon Rod

St. Croix Eyecon Rod

The St. Croix Eyecon Fishing Rod may be a bit on the pricier side, but it gives you amazing value because of its construction and comfort. It’s a bit longer, but it still stays lightweight and with excellent mid-modulus graphite construction with better strain rate compared to other fibers. The material is what makes the fishing rod lightweight and sensitive, ensuring a more professional feel.

Speaking of feel, it has the split-grip premium-grade cork handle that has the EVA trimming for extra comfort and grip. You won’t feel much fatigue no matter how long you fish for.

Besides this, it has Kigan Master Hand 3D guides and extra features that are unique to the brand, such as the Kigan hook-keeper and Fuji IPS reel seat. All this leads to a suitable jigging rod for the walleye to last, especially since it has the extra coating to withstand saltwater and many intense fishing situations.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • Excellent durability and extremely sensitive tip for jigging
  • Extremely lightweight and can be used the entire day without feeling fatigued
  • Can feel even the slightest and quick bites to catch large walleyes
  • Smooth and powerful performance with less risk of snapping or damage
  • Versatile and can be used for more than just jigging

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: Light Weight
  • Length: 6’3
  • Material: Mid-modulus graphite fiber
  • Action: Extra Fast Action

5. The Heavy-Duty and High-Value: Fiblink Fishing Rod

Fiblink Fishing Rod

The Fiblink Fishing Rod is one of the most affordable jigging rods for walleye, but they don’t scrimp on its strength. They are best suited for fish species such as the walleye, perch, pike, crappie, and trout, making them versatile for freshwater conditions.

This jigging rod feels light and sensitive yet has the strength to withstand the aggressive fighting walleye. It’s built with the graphite rod blanks and aluminum oxide guides so the fishing line flows excellently for a smooth feel.

As for the handle, it’s made with solid cork for the improved grip, sized to ensure comfort and lessened fatigue. Plus, the entire rod is extremely lightweight yet still feels solid, so you can fish for hours. You also get great value because it has a quality reel set and guides at its price point.

For those focusing more on the budget, you’ll appreciate the Fiblink for jigging walleye.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • Affordable price with great value in its strong rod, reel set, and guides
  • Excellent for jigging with good casting distance and flexibility
  • Sensitive enough to feel small bites and fast action to reel walleye in
  • Sturdy fishing rod that can be used for other freshwater fishing techniques

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: Ultralight power
  • Length: 24-inch
  • Material: Graphite rod blanks
  • Action: Medium Action

6. The Powerful and Balanced: Sougayilang Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod is perfect for the jigging fisherman who wants ultralight power. While weighing less, it still has a balance of strength and sensitivity, ensuring less fatigue yet durability to withstand fighting walleye and saltwater conditions.

It comes with a reel seat made with corrosion-resistant CNC-machined aluminum and 3-point welded stainless steel guides that have ceramic inserts. You can use this for mono or braided fishing line in freshwater and saltwater without tangles and breaks.

Though a two-piece rod, it can extend easily and makes it hassle-free to assemble and transport as needed. However, you have to be wary about its rail seat and eyelet, as well as its bag. It may feel a bit flimsy and require some upgrading.

Overall, you still get good value in the rod, especially at such an affordable price. This is a great beginner’s jigging rod to get you started with the average walleye.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • Made with high-density 24-ton carbon fiber and e-glass composite known for durability and sensitivity
  • Lightweight and balanced to last and fight through aggressive walleye
  • Two-piece rod that’s easy to set up and compact for moving around
  • Lightweight and lessened fatigue for hours of worry-free fishing

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: Light Power
  • Length: 5’9
  • Material: Carbon Fiber blanks
  • Action: N/A

7. The Beginner-Friendly and Affordable: Zebco Dock Demon Fishing Rod

Zebco Dock Demon Fishing Rod

And lastly, the Zebco Dock Demon Fishing Rod is best suited for those who are on a budget and want a simple jigging rod for small to average-sized walleye. It’s made with a durable solid-core 30-inch Z-glass rod and an EVA handle for better comfort. Furthermore, it already comes pre-spooled with a 6-lb line with a capacity of up to 135 yards.

This is adequate enough for short distance casting for walleye, with a good length and sensitivity made for jigging. It’s also at a good length to fish from the docks.

I can see that it’s made with good material and construction, sturdy enough to put up a fight. You can go for intense fishing trips and it won’t break off easily. For its price, you actually get more than what you pay for.

But when you look at its extra inclusions, such as the reel and line, you may want to rethink using it. The reel has no drag and is made of poor quality while the fishing line breaks and twists easily. Because of that, you’re better off using your current reel and fishing line and taking advantage of the jigging rod instead.

Even without the reel and line, you get great value.

What Makes This Walleye Jigging Rod Stand Out

  • It’s a very strong rod that can handle fighting fish well
  • Comes at a very affordable price for jigging reel
  • Optimum length for jigging walleye, especially for beginners

Model and Accessory Specs

  • Weight: Medium Weight
  • Length: 30-inches
  • Material: Z-Glass
  • Action: N/A

How to Choose the Best Walleye Jigging Rod

How to Choose the Best Walleye Jigging Rod

Before you select any from the top seven walleye jigging rods I mentioned above, you have to further narrow down your choices! There are different factors to consider when selecting the optimum walleye jigging rod, such as:

1. Power and Action

The power is also referred to as the rod weight, which is the amount of force required to bend your rod. It can go between ultralight to ultra-heavy, with lighter rods obviously being easier and lighter than the heavier ones.

With walleye, you will want a medium-light to medium power, which can catch the average-sized walleye well. You don’t need an ultra-heavy jigging rod, which is used for much larger species for deep-sea and deeper waters. Besides this, it would be too heavy and affect fatigue.

As for action, this is where the bend of your rod happens. It is classed between slow to fast action. Slow action rods would bend nearer to your reel and handle for better flexibility and sensitivity. Fast action rods are more rigid, bending towards the tip of your rod.

For walleye, you will want a fast to extra-fast action, which is key to quick hook sets. When walleyes grab jigs or baits in the water, they would suck it in quickly, spitting it back within seconds. This would limit how much time you can set the hook before losing the fish.

With fast action, you can bury the hook quicker and have better chances of a successful catch!

2. Size and Length

The size and length of jigging rods are measured from the rod tip to handle end. This can range between 6-12 feet, with the measurements making or breaking your casting abilities.

When catching walleye, you will want to get a jigging rod measuring between 5’9 to 6-feet long. This is in the shorter range but this is very advantageous when jigging. Longer rods are a bit challenging when jigging and with a shorter rod, you can shorten the distance between the lure or bait with your hand.

Besides this, since walleye tend to be in shallower waters, shorter rods are easier to cast for shorter distances and “close combat” situations. Longer rods are beneficial for deeper waters for further distances.

As a result, you can feel strikes quicker, reacting to fish faster. While long rods can also do this, it isn’t as effective as shorter ones. Besides this, the smaller they are, the lighter they tend to be, which reduces fatigue.

3. Rod Material

What your fishing rod is made of is also an important consideration.

There are different rod material to choose from, with the main ones being graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. With jigging rods for walleye, you should always choose between graphite or carbon fiber blank. NEVER choose fiberglass!

Fiberglass materials are slow and won’t transfer well, which makes it a bad choice for jigging. Instead, opt for jigging rods made of high-modulus graphite or a carbon fiber blank. These materials are more sensitive, reacting quicker than fiberglass.

Besides that, fiberglass tends to be less durable compared to the rest, not breaking under pressure as easily. Graphite and carbon fiber has a combination of good action, high sensitivity, and flexibility, and is very solid.

You may want to get a blend of both materials to make it even stronger and lessen the chances of snapping.

4. 1-Piece vs 2-Piece Rods

When choosing any type of fishing rod, you have to consider its construction. It can either be a one-piece or two-piece fishing rod.

There isn’t much of a difference between both, though they do have their pros and cons.

Two-piece rods can be disassembled into two separate pieces for easier transportation and storage. While beneficial for those traveling and want better storage options, it may be a hassle to assemble and disassemble, and it may alter the rod’s feel

As for a one-piece rod, it gives you a better peace of mind knowing that the rod won’t come apart while making a cast. They are more suitable for younger and beginner fishermen since there’s less risk of getting the line tangled up as you dismount the rod to store. The only problem is transporting it, as you need to handle it carefully to prevent it from snapping.

5. Comfort and Grip

You also have to consider your comfort, since you’ll be using the jigging rod for hours on end. I highly recommend that you aim for shorter and lighter jigging rods that are suitable for walleye fishing AND would feel better when used for longer periods.

You should also look into the grip and feel of the fishing rod handle, which should be made of dense material. It’s better to have something that offers a good grip but still feels soft as you hold it. High-quality EVA or cork materials are suitable for the jigging rod, which can also last for years of use.

Besides this, the rod material should be of high-quality for strength and durability. It shouldn’t break down over small hits or fishing sessions, lasting for fishing seasons and various situations. If you plan on fishing in saltwater, it should be made of an even stronger material to avoid rusting and corrosion!

6. Line Weight

The weight of your line is correlated to your rod’s power, so the more power you require, the higher the line weight you should get.

For walleye fishing, you’re better using a line weight ranging between 4-12 pounds, which is the average weight of a walleye. With this range, combined with the right power and action, you can get a better experience landing walleye.

When you select a certain line weight, you also have to make sure you choose the appropriate reel and fishing line corresponding to the weight and power. When using too heavy a line on lighter jigging rods, then you may end up breaking the line or rod!

That’s why you have to consider the compatibility of all your equipment, especially when you think about its weight.

7. Price and Value

And lastly, make sure to consider the price range as well, depending on your budget.

You might think it’s expensive trying to find the best material with amazing power. But there’s no need to break the bank for it, with good jigging rods for walleyes ranging from $50 to $150. However, you need to be wary of lower prices, as they may not be as durable or well-performing as others.

You need to find the optimum price-to-power ratio to get your money’s worth. Set a strict budget and stick with those under your price range, comparing which offers the most.

Besides the price, you can get more value off your jigging rod by checking if it has a warranty. It’s better for your rod to have a guarantee for repairs or replacement in case of any accidents and damage incurred.

Walleye Jigging Rod: Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about best walleye jigging rod

What else is there to know about the walleye jigging rod? Check out these frequently asked questions to gain more insight on this piece of fishing equipment:

What is a jigging rod?

Jigging is a staple walleye fishing technique, which involves a weighted lure, a jig, suspended nearly vertical, working with action that resembles fleeing baitfish. It works well with walleye as they are predatory fish that shows aggression towards its prey.

When you practice slow pitch jigging, which is a new version, you use the lighter gear and different action, resembling wounded baitfish. This is just as effective, especially when using a jigging rod that is lighter, more sensitive, and compact.

What’s the difference between a jigging and a “normal” rod?

Jigging rods are shorter rods with fast action and heavy power, which results in a rod tip that recovers fast. While modern jigging rods don’t resemble the traditional jigging rod’s appearance of a thick broom handle, they are still made for jigging.

This is compared to “normal” rods, which are typically longer and come in various weights and actions for other fishing techniques. It’s possible to use “normal” rods for jigging, but it may not be as precise.

Why get a special jigging rod?

You need a “special” jigging rod, or any fishing rod with lighter weight and better sensitivity, to have better success in the fishing technique. Yes, you can jig with any fishing rod, but it won’t be as accurate compared to a jigging rod for walleye.

The lure action would be different, the rod can’t handle heavier jigs, and they may even break under the strain of walleyes! After all, regardless of the sport you partake, you need to have the correct equipment for it.

What jig head size should I use?

I recommend that you use a heavier jig when catching walleye, starting with a 1/8th ounce on the lighter side then going up to 3/16th. For the tough bite of walleye, go for a 1/16th and if you fish deep in the winds, go for a 1/4th ounce.

As for the size of the fishing line, use bigger ones for vertical jigging and the hook hard, swinging fish in your boat. A 20-pound hi-vis braid works well for walleye.

Now that you’re familiar with what to know about the walleye jigging rod, how can you use it in the water?

Check out this informative video tutorial to get you started:

Wrapping It Up

You can’t fish without a high-quality fishing rod, and you can’t go wrong with the classing jigging rod. As long as you invest in the right one meant for your comfort and capabilities, you’re set for success. The next thing to focus on is other accessories and to brush up on your techniques.

Hopefully, this purchasing guide on the best walleye jigging rod helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and start preparing for your next fishing trip now.

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